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22nd June
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I was actually ordering the new Imperial China when I thought about making something from the shipping costs in the Socket Records store. So I picked up bldngs’ debut EP and that should not go unnoticed! The sound is happy, trippy, techie, instrumental.. awarding patience with the same amount of freaky, joyous eruptions.

Here they are playing some stuff they wrote after the EP…

Btw… Bth Pttrns nd bldngs rmvd thr vwls nd thy bth snd grt! S th cnnctn?

buidings - endless (EP)
Socket Records (Washington DC), Summer 2009

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22nd June
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sciencepinataSorry that I’m late with this… PTTRNS are from Cologne and have had a few songs out on a 7″, 2 splits and 2 casettes. Their sound is a musical alloy best described as DC post-hardcore, funkier and more fluent than for instance Q and Not U ever were, even on “Power”. And a bit out of time, akin Pit Er Pat. I heard the 3 tracks from People I Adore 7″… it was promising.. didn’t totally catch me, but nonetheless I found myself putting it on once in a while for a year or so.. and after putting PTTRNS into rotation again, I decided that they must’ve released something new by now. The band was doing small releases for 32 months before finally releasing Science Piñata this April. I’m still waiting to hear all of it, but whatever… I trust what I’ve heard.

Band says:

Long time no speak. But not for no reason: we just finished mixing our LP with the awesome Guido Lucas at Blubox Studios. It‘s really good. It‘s called SCIENCE PIÑATA and it will be out on Altin Village & Mine Records on April 1st. Recording was difficult and tiresome – Benjamin and Daniel both fell ill in the process so we had to get Sting to lay down some bass and that guy from Arctic Monkeys to play the remaining drum parts. However, Guido is a wizard and edited it all. You probably won‘t be able to tell the difference. Get into it!

PTTRNS - Science Piñata
Altin Village & Ursa Major, April, 2010

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11th June
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…check out the EP from Tall Ships. The last 3 tracks are totally in the spirit of FMTM. I don’t know where this band is heading, but they have an interesting future. So does soundcloud, which i’ve just joined (this is me).

> It’s here… the EPs hiding right behind this link! Click it!! Seriously, do it!!<

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10th June
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3179-maxThe new Maps & Atlases Perch Patchwork might be considered a debut, but then again… no. I valued each of the two EP releases as any full-length, and the guys have displayed such a lot of activity that “debut” would sound awfully wrong. If you’re into merchandise, the band offers some lucrative deals btw… here’s what they said:

Hey, So we’ve been super busy, and we’re so excited for the perch patchwork release (June 29th in the US) and the accompanying headline tour. We’ve also got a bunch of cool pre-order deals going on. For Insound, if you pre-order the CD or LP then you get a copy of our extremely limited edition Solid Ground singles with two rare b-sides (Living Decorations demo and an Israeli Caves string and vocal mix). And with our merch company we’re doing all kinds of fun pre-order bundles. Check’em out HERE!

I don’t really dig the whole hype-generating, tension-building, merchandise-selling, US-exclusive record-releasing, so I’d like to mention that the album has leaked and sounds super. Like a holiday on Hawaii.

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9th June
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enemies1-200x200This is the link you should click

Richter Collective has been the label to follow in 2010 (The Redneck Manifesto, Jogging, Worrier). Now a fellow-Irish website is reporting that the new Enemies full-length is streaming in its entirety. After listening to it over and over again, I have no doubts that this is as elegant, balanced, admirable and scrumptious as I would’ve expected from the old EP Alpha Waves (2008)… and a big leap right into the elite of that unnamed genre that everyone would agree exists when they hear the sound. We’ve Been Talking is out on June 11th… I’m ordering mine now.

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