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31st December
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New years. The annual celebration of the earth regressing towards total collapse. About a decade ago, a band named Forstella Ford walked this earth. Needless to say, nothing better was ever composed, and the band split up, probably disillusioned and too superior to its context. But to offset the imminent collapse of this worn-out earth, they’ve luckily reunited to create this bandcamp page. So do enjoy one last cup of “Mercurian Harmonium” from the monumental 2001 “Quietus” album, a wonderful blend of post-hardcore.

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11th December
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The people over at Denovali are showing their gratitude to everyone supporting them and their man Carlos Cipa by releasing his debut album for free. For anyone into contemporary piano like Haschka, this is highly recommended:

To say thank you to everyone who supported Denovali Records and CARLOS CIPA during the past year the label will offer the debut album of Carlos Cipa “The Monarch and the Viceroy“ for FREE DOWNLOAD from now on till December 16.

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10th December
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In order to celebrate this, we have just released a homemade compilation with no less than 17 bands from the label covering songs from… 17 other Kythibong bands: Room204, Fordamage, Marvin, Le Ton Mité, Papaye, Gratuit, Mansfield.TYA, Papier Tigre, 2 Chausse Trappe + 1 Fordamage, 31Knots, Piano Chat, Electric Electric, Belone Quartet, Pneu, Choochooshoeshoot, The Healthy Boy, Sieur Et Dame.

isn’t that nice ?

Yes, that’s awesome!!!!

The compilation is called Décennie : Couverture and is available here:

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