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5th May
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Papaye - Tennis
Kythibong, April 2013

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20th March
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Kythibong recently posted a preview of the new Papaye release Tennis, released April 24. It’s a smash hit:

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10th December
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In order to celebrate this, we have just released a homemade compilation with no less than 17 bands from the label covering songs from… 17 other Kythibong bands: Room204, Fordamage, Marvin, Le Ton Mité, Papaye, Gratuit, Mansfield.TYA, Papier Tigre, 2 Chausse Trappe + 1 Fordamage, 31Knots, Piano Chat, Electric Electric, Belone Quartet, Pneu, Choochooshoeshoot, The Healthy Boy, Sieur Et Dame.

isn’t that nice ?

Yes, that’s awesome!!!!

The compilation is called Décennie : Couverture and is available here:

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5th September
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Kythibong, Africantape and Herzfeld have joined forces to release the next Electric Electric, out October 3rd. Double Gatefold will be released on Africantape.

Artwork ->

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8th August
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room204headerRoom 204 is an instrumental noise-rock duo from Nantes. 14 minutes. 8 songs. Each song is so packed, it becomes journey where time has no meaning.. maybe content-wise this feels more like 2 hours of music. Or maybe I’d put it like this: It plays really well on nonstop repeat. Shellac should listen to this record. Albini would want the cover signed.

So after spending a good month with this album, I’ve grown younger, wiser and happier.

Room 204 - Balloons
Kythibong, 2010

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25th October
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accueil-electricHas been out on Kythibong since July. Tracks from sad cities handclappers LP:

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3rd February
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fordamage - belgian tangoWe’re eager listeners of anything coming out of Nantes. A common denominator could be something like technical rock wrapped in clean and tight sound, typically mentioning Shellac, Fugazi and The Ex… and quite successfully carrying the sound from back then, and then a bit further.

Fordamage packs lots of interesting elements, ranging just as wide as Shellac does – playfulness mixed with seriousness. As a result, it’s hard to get bored, but instead you’re strapped in for the full 32 minutes. Guitars are loud, but there’s a quiet moment lurking behind every outburst and vice versa. Tight, dynamic etc etc. it seems like Fordamage has been listening to a lot of variety, because you can almost hear jazz and balkan in some passages, everything of course trademarked with a sound that doesn’t make the effort blurry – It’s focused, and that’s probably a result taking more time to write, which really bears fruit for a band in this scene.

So be sure to give it a shot and hang around at their shows in UK, France, Belgium and Netherlands.

Fordamage - Belgian Tango
Kythibong, January 2009

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10th January
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Baboon Qu4tre Nantes label Kythibong has an interesting menu these days, judging from which there should be no hesitation acquiring what they put out. This one is a CD release of 250 copies all in cardboard and with an impressively clear silkscreen print featuring the 4th Baboon, a wise-looking elderly baboon with beautiful white hair made by label-mate The Healthy Boy.

Komandant Cobra sounds a lot like 31 Knots, but they are far more a rock outfit, with a flair for moving from quiet guitar sessions to hard-pounced drums all nicely put into effect by a well-fitted production. The track Moi Le Rouquin begins with a pretty hefty guitar riff instantly being backed up with some of the most crispy drumming, I’ve heard for a long time, reminding me of how the new Papier Tigre and Shellac sounds, too. They keep playing like that for a few minutes until slowing down and adding lyrics. And this part might sound surprising at the first listen, because singer Emmanuel Ligner puts a lot more effort into beauty than aggression — done too by 31 Knots and Frank Shinobi, but K.C. dares to sound even sadder at times.

In general it’s a really nice effort, and maybe they slow down a bit too often for my taste, but heck; Tracks like Fish, Moi Le Rouquin and We Get Astray reveal a strong outfit, and let’s hope to see them finding their way around Europe.

Komandant Cobra - Baboon Qu4tre
Kythibong, December 2008

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