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9th May
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Here’s a mention that qualifies for 2009’s best release… i’ve been sitting on it for a little too long, but just the more to ensure that this is a masterpiece durable for long term exposure and health benefits.

Antarctic’s debut was a long process, already anticipated more than a 1½ year ago when their music was only available as 4 demo tracks on myspace… and calling them demo tracks immediately set the bar high.

The album is a continuous flow of creative guitar and bass work and firm, lap-tapping delicious, tricky drumming. It crosses borders of genres just the way we like it, but without ever sounding unnatural or pretentious. It’s a joy to go hunting for details in. For instance how almost every of the 9 tracks flow seamlessly together: I’m sure it’s something that they’ve been working a lot with, so I’ll give them an ad hoc pinnacle delicious sound award® for that.


Antarctic - s/t
Hello Sir, 2009

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3rd October
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Debut is coming up on really soon on Hello Sir, and without any further information, Antarctic has put the first two tracks, Pasea La Salamandria being a re-recording from their demo. If you liked The Littlest Viking earlier this year (or Fago.Sepia for that matter), you’re going to enjoy this a lot.

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11th March
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bronzedchorusSome bands you can check out for your previewing pleasure. They’re in the category of math, and I thought they deserved some attention that I can’t currently give them by reviewing.

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