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5th May
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Papaye - Tennis
Kythibong, April 2013

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1st May
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Mermonte is a new 10-member orchestra with members of fago.sepia, to release a 7″ on May 20.

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28th April
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990761294-1Go check out this crazy new French band. Review over at The Sirens Sound is convincing.

100%chevalier - EP-IC
Green Valley Records, April 2013

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10th December
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In order to celebrate this, we have just released a homemade compilation with no less than 17 bands from the label covering songs from… 17 other Kythibong bands: Room204, Fordamage, Marvin, Le Ton Mité, Papaye, Gratuit, Mansfield.TYA, Papier Tigre, 2 Chausse Trappe + 1 Fordamage, 31Knots, Piano Chat, Electric Electric, Belone Quartet, Pneu, Choochooshoeshoot, The Healthy Boy, Sieur Et Dame.

isn’t that nice ?

Yes, that’s awesome!!!!

The compilation is called Décennie : Couverture and is available here:

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3rd August
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From France, Vialka combines folk music in a guitar/drums duo and sounds absolutely outstanding. If you like The Evens, you’ll LOVE Vialka. I’ve had the joy of listening to their two latest albums, Science & Superstition (2011) and La Poursuite de l’Excellence (2010) both of which are excellent. A real tribute to a world of so many different and beautiful cultures. And they’ve got a discography of 9 releases to check out!

Vialka - Science & Superstition
self-released, 2011

Similar stuff: the evens

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1st March
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New track, album to come out March 29 on head records. It’ll be called Highway to Health.

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10th January
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Baboon Qu4tre Nantes label Kythibong has an interesting menu these days, judging from which there should be no hesitation acquiring what they put out. This one is a CD release of 250 copies all in cardboard and with an impressively clear silkscreen print featuring the 4th Baboon, a wise-looking elderly baboon with beautiful white hair made by label-mate The Healthy Boy.

Komandant Cobra sounds a lot like 31 Knots, but they are far more a rock outfit, with a flair for moving from quiet guitar sessions to hard-pounced drums all nicely put into effect by a well-fitted production. The track Moi Le Rouquin begins with a pretty hefty guitar riff instantly being backed up with some of the most crispy drumming, I’ve heard for a long time, reminding me of how the new Papier Tigre and Shellac sounds, too. They keep playing like that for a few minutes until slowing down and adding lyrics. And this part might sound surprising at the first listen, because singer Emmanuel Ligner puts a lot more effort into beauty than aggression — done too by 31 Knots and Frank Shinobi, but K.C. dares to sound even sadder at times.

In general it’s a really nice effort, and maybe they slow down a bit too often for my taste, but heck; Tracks like Fish, Moi Le Rouquin and We Get Astray reveal a strong outfit, and let’s hope to see them finding their way around Europe.

Komandant Cobra - Baboon Qu4tre
Kythibong, December 2008

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