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Pinnacle Magazine is an independent, voluntary, learn-by-doing magazine rooted in Utrecht/Copenhagen. We take photos, videos and write about the underground / semi-underground in math-, post- and noise-rock.. or whatever we find relevant. You probably get the picture. We try to cover the stuff that goes uncovered.


We need your help, so if you’ve figured out a way to make things better, let us know immediately.


If you hear something that’s great, send in your recommendation to news at pinnaclemagazine.tv.. and remember a link if we’re supposed to listen.


  • Ralph (video, main editor) ralph at pinnaclemagazine.tv
  • Benjamin (reviews) benjamin at pinnaclemagazine.tv
  • Hessel (photography) hessel at pinnaclemagazine.tv


We generally don’t want your promos unless you know for certain we’d wanna write about it. Anything else is a waste of materials, energy and time. You can always ask ahead of sending..