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5th August
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In just 10 days, on August 15th, the new Alarma Man will be released on Sinnbus Records!! Love Forever was originally set to be released a long time ago. Back in January 2009 they told us that the mastering was taking a bit longer than expected. But they’re back and waiting to kick ass all over Northern Europe on their Live Forever tour (tour blog here).

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14th February
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  • New Alarma Man songs have been posted on myspace. Big cheers – great tracks!! Still no news of the release date, though.
  • The Andalusians, founded by former Del Cielo member Basla Andolsun, released single Do The Work on Dischord.
  • Antarctic is a jazz inspired math-rock outfit from Florida formed in 2006, releasing a really well-made demo in 2007. It’s full of guitar melody, rhythmic patterns etc., but overall the compositions feel more intuitive than experimental, which is what caught me. So, imagine something like Antlers and Native, but with more traditional power. There’s a really good reason to be excited about their full-length debut coming up on Hello Sir in spring (hey, that’s soon!!). Here’s what they leaked to this hungry, savage blog reporter:

    Our music has definitely changed since our last release. We have had a lot of member changes and have found a lot of new inspirations. Our music really changes styles from song to song.. but I don’t think we would have it any other way.

    We’re putting out a new album in the Spring with Hello Sir Records. Full length baby. We’re re-releasing our older stuff because we’ve made a lot of changes. We have some newer songs as well : )

    We’ve definitely put alot more time into the music for this album. We’re all really excited for it to be released.

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14th January
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We did a bid of clicking around to see what to look ahead for in 2009:

  • Tortoise is releasing a new album! Title and date is still TBA.
  • Maserati has a new split coming up in February with Zombi. Track preview on myspace sounds amazing… Holy Fuck meets From Monument To Masses or something. 30 minutes long and available in 1000 copies on Temporary Residence.
  • Jesus Lizard reunites and joins ATP vs. The Fans. At approximately the same time as the festival, Touch & Go will re-release Head, Goat, Liar, and Down.
  • The Redneck Manifesto should be in the studio around these days, previously saying that they’re very excited about what they’ve written.. so am I… before even hearing it.
  • Belgian band Frank Shinobi is working on a self-released album for late 2009. 3 tracks from their previous live set will be included and supposedly 7 new.
  • Another Belgian band, Hitch, pretty experienced guys, are releasing Clair Obscur on January 26th and posted 3 new tracks.
  • Quatre Tete are releasing Art of The State on Sickroom on January 13th.
  • Fordamage are releasing in March and subsequently touring UK, NL, BE and FR.
  • Future of the Left – Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires is out on January 26.
  • Robotic Empire’s Gods & Queens are touring Europe extensively and will probably be in a town near you. They namedropped some of my personal favorites (Rodan, June of 44, Unwound, Lungfish) so I’m definitely checking them out ASAP.
  • The new Mono is coming out on March 24
  • Austrian instrumental outfit Valina has been signed by Joyful Noise and will release a-tempo in spring. Btw. pickup their 2009 free sampler.
  • Alarma Man is waiting for the mastering of their album to be called “Love Forever”. Guitarist Calle Fredrikson gave us some words on it, being a bit disappointed that masterings seem to take forever these days.

    The new album sounds, like the way it was created, loose. Comparing to the previous it’s soft. It is easy to follow along in the songs and you will not get lost in it if you don’t want to. Bass and drums is easy. Guitars is a bit more sofisticated but still not hard to get. Vocals are nice, clean and not irritating at all. The lyrics are deep, I guess. I should probably mention that those comments about how the record sound will only make sense to people familiar with our previous work, others will find them overexaggerated.

    First time I heard the record, all of it, I got a very strong feeling for it. It sounded very dark. I felt proud and a bit sad at the same time. I was very exited about it for weeks. After that, I decided to not listen to it before the master is cut.

    Earlier the long-forgotten year of 2008 they posted a preview of what’s to come.

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