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30th October
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cmo026x500_1024x1024YES THERE IS!!! And it’s called Shade Perennial. If you don’t know them, think classic 90s like Silkworm (whom they formed from), Sebadoh, Sea and Cake, Built To Spill and the likes. It’s really wonderful.

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8th July
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a0676446308_2Here we have the second EP from The Zero Years! Ready for your enjoyment. Nice, smooth optimistic math and post-rock. A worthy follow-up to their wonderful first EP from last year.

The Zero Years - Ghosts Move In Silence And I Don't Talk A Lot
Self-released, July 2013

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4th September
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Brogrind is a wonderful 6-track split from party-math gig Noumenon and post-rock math Loose Lips Sink Ships.. a really good cocktail. Get it digital or as 12″ from

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