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12th August
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Copenhagen math-rock nerds Obstacles are touring Germany and East Europe at the moment. Debut full-length Dividual is coming out on PlayRec, September 20th. Listen on myspace and check if they’re coming to a town near you.

UPDATE! Band says:

We are sincerely happy to announce that our debut album DIVIDUAL is going to be released at Play/Rec on September 20th 2010.

Dividual is the product of over a year’s hard work with writing, touring and recording. And we can truly say that we are proud of this record!

We especially want to thank Jakob Reichert Nielsen for his effort and patience while recording and mixing this album. We are really happy with the result.

We also want to thank the guys at Play/Rec for releasing the record, Alan Douches for mastering and Patrick Ringsborg for providing the artwork.

Since the record in its final form didn’t make it to this tour, we’ve made a limited sneak peek CD-R edition, only available at the shows on this tour. So, if you want to listen to the record before it comes out on vinyl, you can purchase it cheaply at our shows around Europe.


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8th August
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room204headerRoom 204 is an instrumental noise-rock duo from Nantes. 14 minutes. 8 songs. Each song is so packed, it becomes journey where time has no meaning.. maybe content-wise this feels more like 2 hours of music. Or maybe I’d put it like this: It plays really well on nonstop repeat. Shellac should listen to this record. Albini would want the cover signed.

So after spending a good month with this album, I’ve grown younger, wiser and happier.

Room 204 - Balloons
Kythibong, 2010

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5th August
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In just 10 days, on August 15th, the new Alarma Man will be released on Sinnbus Records!! Love Forever was originally set to be released a long time ago. Back in January 2009 they told us that the mastering was taking a bit longer than expected. But they’re back and waiting to kick ass all over Northern Europe on their Live Forever tour (tour blog here).

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