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11th March
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fmtm-olkf-front_cover_websiteThis baby barely needs introduction. It’s been known for a long time, that FMTM was recording a new album, and many of the songs have been played live for the past 2 years. What took them so long, though, is very evident in the final result – and all the touring of course. Oh, and maybe because 2 members live in San Fransisco and the other in New York. The structures of every of the tracks are perfectly fitted and produced in such a careful way that you can only love them instantly and even more for every listen and every new detail. As a comparison to the other two full-lengths, FMTM are definitely doing what they have always done, so in no way can anyone be disappointed. It’s just what I was hoping for after having loved The Impossible Leap… (2003) and their s/t debut (2002), which I might add seems to be totally underrated.

The album plays well as a whole, maybe a tad more danceable at times, and maybe a tad more quiet at other times than what we’re used to. And then there’s choir singing part of the opener.. heavenly new idea that really fits. You might know two numbers already, ‘Beyond God and Elvis’ (from the tour EP) and ‘Let Them Know Its Christmas Time’ (formerly the ‘Edagda demo’ on Myspace). The other ones are of even better quality – more dynamic and more firm, which is such a relief. I thought ‘Beyond God and Elvis’ was one of their weaker tracks and a signal that everything was getting post-rock sentimental, but instead we get a fresh new doze of melody and rhythm playing on a broader scale of emotion.

And as for the political relevance: this world still needs fixing. Glad that someone can write music about that and not lose orientation or drown their own art in political messages.

From Monument To Masses - On Little Know Frequencies
Golden Antenna / Dimmak, March 2009

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