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10th September
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4009702131-1Ever tired of Monads? I am. I know a lot of people who are. In computer science this is like highlight of all frustrations. An IO Monad is (said in a humane way) something that can contain your logics separated from actual input/output. It’s something that enables you to abstract from the side-effects of communication, so it won’t poison your reasoning. And this makes perfect sense: Say you’re a band, and you have your own reasoning about music. Why care about the side-effects?

For Io Monade Stanca there seems to be a logic that music is worth the intuition it can distract and dismantle. It sounds like Shellac and June of 44, for sure dusty. Unlike their old influences they play with a sort of confused/confusing orientation towards noise rock. The band is fully in sync about their mission, yet sounding like something in chaos and without an aim. It’s a technical fascination to listen to, but at the same time played at a slow pace. Maybe I’m as insane as the music, but I’ve been listening a lot to this in the background of my work. It’s like fragments pieced together, resembling what music might be in my subconsciousness.

And like the previous review, I’ll leave you with a link, so you can procrastinate about something the band happened to mention in a song title.

Io Monade Stanca - The Impossible Story of Bubu
Africantape, October 2009

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