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3rd July
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3066578973-1Apparently a little 6-man band from Connecticut made a self-released EP last June, put it on bandcamp for free and pressed 100 copies, that deserve selling out.

The sound is tight at times and shows off a big, but well-timed and balanced group, at other times a bit more like a jazz-jam. They sound similar to their contemporaries from Antarctic and Enemies and their predecessors in Pele, embracing a light-weight sound with charismatic, playful instrumentation. The cool new thing about Fugue, is that they have a broader palette of instruments than most bands in this genre, where often the most appreciated skill is to get the more out of lesser instruments and band members.

It’s 17 minutes packed with driving melodies and explosive outbursts, but nonetheless doesn’t seem too calculated, as they embrace enough genres to be both entertaining and emotive.

Fugue - Ancient Glass EP
self-released, 2009

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  1. 15/08/2010

    our new EP, Siblings is out now! if you care to post anything about that one as well it would be much appreciated you can download it for free at

    if you do decide to post anything about it, it would be wonderful if you could give a shout that donations are also accepted there as well.

  2. benjamin

    Oh niceness! Thanks and congratulations.. it sounds perfect judging from the first listen. I’m going to let it “spin” for a while.. and I’ll be back.