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29th December
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Fun - Zu-pa Let’s face it, after listening to Zu-pa! of the Finnish band Fun, you’ll know what their favorite bands are. Schizophrenic hooded madman singing, evil bas playing, dissonant guitar, weird but powerful rhythms… Fun plays noise rock like the Jesus Lizard and Shellac. Even the production of the album is a like. No surprise with Steve Albini himself as the record engineer. But frankly, I couldn’t care less, ‘cause they do it well, very well indeed.

The album starts of with incoherent rambling and ravaging, just to make things clear. After 10 seconds it’s followed by the almost completely instrumental “Get in There, Frank!”. It’s the soundtrack of hyperactive bouncing nut jobs with rabies-induced foam spilling from their mouths. And yes, that’s a good thing.

One of the best songs is “Hold it Close”. Damn I love this song. The nervous and fast drum playing, the driving bass, the madman singing… It all just begs for a white isolation chamber with cushioned walls.

It’s not just hyperactive bouncing though. A lot of the songs are much slower and Shellac like. But it’s just as insane. Instead of a raving madman, you’ll get a cold, calculated, serial killer mumbling in himself. Or that weird guy who keeps staring at you with that grin on his face. The bass is plain evil, especially in “I’ve Got a Truck”, the drums are twisted, the guitar is dissonant, and the singing is the voice of insanity. As it should be. If you like twisted, unsettling, noise rock… If you are a fan of Steve Albini’s music and  the Jesus Lizard…  Or you ever wondered how psychosis sounds like… Then get this album!

FUN - Zu-pa!
If Society, 2007

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