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6th January
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Bad Dudes Eat DrugsSo as somewhat opposed to drinking, smoking, snorting or injecting them: Eating them. Artists are getting pretty creative. Record and song title. I hope it’s on purpose. Sounds like a punk anthem to me, but of course they play the vulnerable indie card, too… they’re afraid of drugs.

To start off with, and true to their old style is something up-tempo, the album is happy, instrumental and without lyrics.. carrying this prog-rock sound with added pace. Melting keyboards and fast guitars with interesting rhythmic signatures that’d make most people agree that they’re mathTM-inspired. But we’re being taken in very different directions, sometimes more electro and sometimes more punk. File under party-music, and then try to keep an open mind and remember that when you’re having a party, a compilation always works better than just playing the saaaaaaaame. This is a compilation made by 11 different bands with the same name and the same people. It makes for an interesting listen and a guarantee that you’ll find something in the mix that suits you.

For me the highlight comes with the closing song, the 5:45 one, which is a bit more straightforward, but really shows a versatile band owning and sharing many properties, and mixing these in a way that finds them fit for entertaining any party.

Bad Dudes - Eat Drugs
Retard Disco, April 2008

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