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10th July
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After the demise of Mclusky one of the two bands risen from it’s ashes was Future of the Left. Singer/guitarist Andy ‘Falco’ Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone recruited Jarcrew’s Kelson Matthias for bass and there it was, a band that kicks even more arsch than Mclusky. But after 5 years and two albums, Kelson has decided to quit the band.

Is this the end of FOTL? Thankfully, no. Falkous on the FOTL website:

Future of the left is still a band, a thing, the centre of our unremarkable lives and continues, if anything, with more effort and furious pride than ever before.

For the time being Steven Hudson (Kong/Oceansize) will be taking over bass. But there is more. FOTL have recorded a few new songs with a fourth member. On the website Falkous writes he was making songs for a side project but “it all ended up sounding so perfectly like where Future of the Left should have been going that it seemed ridiculous to not combine the two.” He has yet to reveal who the fourth member is but his roles are “to play guitar and act like a fucking maniac.”

We’ll have to wait and see with these changes mean for the music of FOTL. But the last big change worked out pretty damn good.

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Manchasm by Future of the Left

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