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10th September
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batsI cannot overlook the fact of a new Bats album. Finally. I receive it with all guards down, expecting something fun, technical and well… entertaining. And here it is: Exactly how I pictured it and a natural extension to the old EP. Delivered at ripping speeds and with little regards to genres. What’s so fascinating about BATS is the natural blend of danceable, mathy and heavy, a medicine against boredom, an energy that’s transferable directly from speakers to body. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta. Someone certainly chose a scientific theme for this. Star Wormwood? Mythological, too. Getting to grips with a main theme for the album or even understanding basic parts of the texts is a challenge, but maybe also a wake-up call. Is it okay to listen to something you perfectly don’t have a clue about the ideas of? Is it okay to listen to the opposite? And how about the most noble ideas in modern science – to label them geek-classified and move on is just a shame. No, let’s put music on them. The album comes with a text-book, so once I’m done grooving out, I’ll check the texts. A few links…

BATS - Red In Tooth And Claw
Richter Collective, August 2009

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