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29th December
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We need information! And if you happen to come across something newsworthy then please confess to

Here’s some examples of news:

  • Sinnbus released the debut album from Ter Haar titled Delta. In 2009 they’re rolling on a tour of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Germany and some more Germany. They continue building on their old sound, adding lyrics and changing the compositions consequently.
  • Distile Records promises to bring us one of 2009s most inspired records when they’re releasing the third by Untied States. It sounds promising…
  • Instrumental math-rock from Copenhagen, Obstacles, out with their debut EP are marked available for touring in February, so far adding Berlin on 8/2.
  • Mutiny on the Bounty (fresh youngster math) has posted songs on their myspace for their album scheduled for early 2009.
  • Dischord has remastered+released the Fugazi classic 7 Songs (not 13 Songs, but containing the same first 7 tracks). The 12″ comes along with a nice free MP3 download, so yeah… Dischord is not some old dinosaur.
  • Last but not least, the debut by Komandant Cobra, “Baboon qu4tre”, is out. Grab this track free, I know I would.


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