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28th April
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990761294-1Go check out this crazy new French band. Review over at The Sirens Sound is convincing.

100%chevalier - EP-IC
Green Valley Records, April 2013

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8th April
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So, PTTRNS are releasing on April 12th. That’s on Friday, but you can already book a CD or a 12″ right over at their label, Altin Village & Mine.

New Axes videos

..and some 3 days later, Axes are releasing their debut on Big Scary Monsters. Good times!

Fleetwood Math: BeatCast TV (Youtube)
Jon Bonjella: BeatCast TV (Youtube)

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31st March
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Axes will release a debut album on April 25th. This is why it’s exciting:

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25th March
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I wish people paid more attention to things.
You may not want them anymore.
But you could pass them on.
That’s my role.
I intercept the things society tries to throw away.

Pttrns – Strong Talk from Altin Village & Mine Records on Vimeo.

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24th March
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21st March
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Yes! There is!

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20th March
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Kythibong recently posted a preview of the new Papaye release Tennis, released April 24. It’s a smash hit:

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20th March
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889614817-1Altin Village & Mine have finally released Urban Homes’ debut Centres. And that’s quite significant, not only because it’s been long awaited since the 2011 demo, but also because this project seems like the natural companion of PTTRNS, Airpeople and the likes, breaking new grounds, charting new lands. It’s music with movement, progression and reflection. But these are not confused or scared people, they embrace whatever human activity brings about and create a sound for that, not for your own personal sake, but in a much broader sense. It’s a contemporary soundtrack that holds both past and present.

And it’s one of the best releases of ’13.

Vimeo video clip for Ayran Gifbek Mersi*) 6:10

*) If you wonder what the song title means, here’s my guess: Ayran is Turkish yoghurt, gifbek is Dutch for poisonous hemlock, and mersi is latin for being drowned or overwhelmed. So that should make it pretty clear.

Urban Homes - Centres LP/CD
Altin Village & Mine, March, 2013

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19th February
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AMAZING Tracklist!!!

1. Stainlees by Knalpot 04:38
2. Werewolf Grandma With Knives (Part Two: Don’t Die) by Giraffes? Giraffes! 03:45
3. Life Whining by The Ex 03:23
4. Escapar En Circulos by Deformica 03:15
5. An Awkward Moment With A Grilled Cheese Sandwich by The Bulletproof Tiger 03:54
6. Trashtalk the Walk (rough mix) by Katadreuffe 02:59
7. Simply Nutritious by TRZTN 02:40
8. Nine Bodies, Nine States by The Shipping News 04:50
9. Troublemaker by Nelson Can 03:10
10. Osamdeset Proleca by Petrol 02:51
11. You Talk, They Listen by Space Siren 04:13
12. Agrarian Daydreams by Zea 03:27
13. My Brain by Apneu 02:00
14. Bond by Lite 02:53
15. Tonnerre Mécanique by Chevreuil 08:18
16. The Resonant Frequency of Plastic is in 3/8 by Goddard 03:40

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31st January
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3917123054-1Some nice skramz here for you, the track The White Dam by Locktender, former members of Men As Trees.

Locktender issued the following statement about the upcoming album:

The Kafka recording went fantastic and is definitely the best any of our bands have ever sounded. The record will be mixed and mastered by the end of January. The 12″ will be released by our friends at I.Corrupt and Replenish Records plus one more label TBA and Skeletal Lightning will be doing the tape version.

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